UBC Food Bank Committee

FOOD BANK REPORT – February 2020

The Food Bank group met on November 25, 2019, with Cali Schnarr, the food bank coordinator. She gave us a very informative PowerPoint presentation. The FWC has made a significant donation to the food bank this year, and that amount will be matched by the university. We really want to thank all of the generous women who supported this worthwhile cause. Three main things we would like to make you aware of, other than the fact that there is a genuine need for the food bank service at UBC, are:

1. The 10 preferred foods to donate: 1) canned chicken or fish; 2) canned beans; 3) peanut butter; 4) pasta and pasta sauce; 5) canned vegetables; 6) canned fruit; 7) cereal; 8) chilli, stew, soup; 9) hygiene products (soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, tampons); 10) baby
products (diapers, formula, baby food).

2. Money donated is greatly appreciated and goes to buy bulk products like flour, oats, etc. and thus stretches the dollar further. These products are bagged by student volunteers.

3. We thought we would focus on bringing in hygiene supplies for our February 4th, 2020 meeting, so please consider adding that to anything you would like to donate at that meeting.