The Faculty Women’s Club is open to all women affiliated with the University of British Columbia- faculty, faculty spouses/partners, post docs, grad students, family of members, administration – we welcome all.  Come check us out!  The FWC has been part of the University community since 1917.

The Faculty Women’s Club 100 Year Legacy Graduate Scholarship

The inaugural scholar for the Faculty Women’s Club 100 Year Legacy Graduate Scholarship is Heather Palis, A PhD student conducting research that will investigate the relationship between stimulant use and treatment outcomes among patients receiving injectable medical-grade heroin and hydromorphone for the treatment of long-term opioid-dependence in Vancouver. You can learn more about Heather and her studies at the following URL: www.grad.ubc.ca/campus-community/meet-our-students/palis-heather.
Click here to view her thank you letter to the FWC.

The FWC Anne Wesbrook Scholarship (inaugurated in 1919)
This year, thanks to a separate endowment bequest,  16 scholarships, each worth $2125, were awarded to the recipients of the Anne Wesbrook Scholarship.