Scholarship Descriptions

How To Donate

FWC Scholarship Donations are tax deductible and you will be issued a tax receipt by the UBC Development Office.

All cheques for FWC scholarships should be made out to UBC with a note on the memo line indicating which scholarship the cheque should be applied to and sent to:

Cecil Green Park House,
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How to Apply for Scholarships

Thank you for your interest in the Faculty Women’s Club Scholarships & Bursaries: awards are made through the UBC Financial Aid office. We suggest making an appointment with a financial aid advisor. Good luck with your studies! You can find the link to “Awards” here: Finances

Scholarship Descriptions

Each year the Faculty Women’s Club awards a number of scholarships to UBC students. The capital for these endowed awards has been raised through various activities of the Club as well as bequests. The year that the scholarship was established is in brackets ( ) following the name of the scholarship.

Faculty Women’s Club 100-year Legacy Graduate Scholarship (2017)

The Faculty Women’s Club was established when 20 brave faculty wives responded to the call from the first president of UBC, Frank F. Wesbrook (1913-1918) almost a hundred years ago, when the University opened its doors to welcome women students, to make their accommodations safe and inviting. Yes, philanthropy was the core driving force that enabled them to form a club and to fund-raise and establish the first Faculty Women’s Club’s Anne Wesbrook scholarship in 1917.

100 years of being on the UBC campus as a service organization has placed Faculty Women’s Club as the oldest service organization whose sole focus still remains in the well-being of the students. Our membership has increased many folds over the years and we have thus far established 13 scholarships and we continue to service, maintain and establish new scholarships. Members of the FWC enjoy being part of several interest groups and we pool our energies to hold fundraising events for the sole purpose of student scholarships which shall make a difference in their lives as they aspire to excel in academics and transform as future leaders of our society.

In celebration of the Faculty Women’s Club’s 100 years of philanthropy and our commitment to support UBC students, we are establishing a brand new graduate/postgraduate scholarship, the ‘Faculty Women’s Club 100 Year Legacy Scholarship’. We have raised over $100,000 toward this endowment fund. We invite all the members and friends of the FWC to be a part of this force of gifted women who continue to uphold the legacy established 100 years ago. This scholarship will begin in 2017.

Official Description of the scholarship:

A $2000 award is available through an endowment established by the Faculty Women’s Club in commemoration of their 100th anniversary as a service organization at UBC (1917 – 2017). The scholarship is designated to support a female Canadian citizen pursuing graduate studies in a health-related field which could have a significant impact on the future well-being of society. The recipient will be in their second or subsequent year of study, with demonstrated academic and leadership qualities; financial need may also be considered. Preference will be given to a student in Audiology & Speech Sciences, Epidemiology (School of Population & Public Health), Microbiology & Immunology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy or Rehabilitation Sciences. Recommendations are made by the Office on the Vice-Provost Health, in consideration with the Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies. (First Award Available in the 2017/2018 Winter Session).

FWC Anne Wesbrook Scholarship (1919)

This scholarship was established in honour of Anne Wesbrook, wife of the first president of UBC and a founding member and honorary President of the club in 1919. It was awarded to a woman student who has obtained a baccalaureate degree from UBC and is continuing her studies at the graduate level or in the faculties of Medicine, Dentistry or Law at UBC or any other approved university, or to a woman who after the third year of university studies, is proceeding directly to a degree in Medicine, Dentistry or Law at UBC or any other approved university.

FWC Jubilee Bursary (1968)

Bursaries are awarded to assist mature women students beginning or continuing studies at UBC. Awards have been made possible entirely by the donations made by FWC.

FWC Margret MacKenzie Scholarship (1984)

This scholarship was endowed by the FWC in honour of Margret Mackenzie, who along with her late husband Norman MacKenzie, President Emeritus, contributed greatly to the development of the University of BC. The award also recognizes her outstanding contributions to the club and the university community. The award is offered to women students entering UBC for the first time and registering in an undergraduate program. Preference is given to a student with a demonstrated interest in hiking and cross country skiing. The financial circumstances of the candidate will be considered.

FWC Vancouver Centennial Scholarship (1984)

One or more scholarships have been endowed by the FWC to commemorate City of Vancouver’s centennial in 1986. Preference is given to a woman student who is studying on a part-time basis in the winter session towards a first undergraduate degree. The financial circumstances of the candidate may be a consideration.

FWC Ida Green Scholarship (1989)

This scholarship was endowed by the faculty women’s club in memory of Dr. Ida Green, LL.D. Ida Green was a pioneer in the American Association of University Women and in the provision of graduate fellowships for women as well as a major benefactor of post-secondary education and the advancement of science. The scholarship is awarded on the joint recommendation of the School of Music, the Creative Writing Program and the Departments of Fine Arts and Theatre and Film to a student entering the third or higher year of study in the creative or performing arts.

FWC Memorial Prize (1989)

This prize was endowed in memory of J. Iris Farley by her husband to commemorate her thirty-year association with the Faculty Women’s Club and her interest in education as she herself was a teacher. The prize is given on the recommendation of the Department of Geography to an undergraduate student demonstrating excellence in cartography.

FWC Violet Eagles Bursary (1996)

A bursary was endowed through the bequest of Violet Eagles, PhD (University of Toronto) supplemented by donations from the FWC. It recognizes Violet Eagles’ contribution as a past president and long time member of the FWC, her teaching and contribution to the faculty of Agriculture and her outstanding personal qualities. The award is offered to a female graduate student in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems.

FWC Marion Nodwell Memorial Scholarship (2003)

This scholarship was endowed by the FWC and the Nodwell family in memory of Marion Nodwell, a woman with a great zest for life and learning. Marion was an avid gardener and community volunteer and served the FWC as its president, organizer & fundraiser. To reflect Marion’s interest in gardening, the scholarship is awarded to a third or fourth-year student of the Faculty of Land and Food systems or to a graduate student with a concentration in Horticulture. In the case of graduate students, the award is made in consultation with the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

FWC Commemorative Bursary (2003)

This bursary was endowed in honour of all past members who during their lifetimes contributed in various ways to the FWC. The bursary is awarded to students registered in their third or fourth year of study in an undergraduate degree program.

FWC 90th Anniversary entrance Scholarship (2007)

A scholarship is offered by FCW to celebrate the club’s 90th Anniversary in 2008. The scholarship is awarded to a female student entering undergraduate studies in Engineering. The award is adjudicated by the Office of Student Financial Assistance and Award.

FWC Patricia Chapman Memorial Scholarship in Music (2009)

This scholarship was endowed by the family & friends of Patricia Chapman for a deserving student in the Elementary or Secondary Education stream in the Bachelor of Music program in the School of Music. Patricia was a regular supporter of the Vancouver Symphony School program, the spirit of which this scholarship perpetuates. The award is given on the recommendation of the School of Music.

FWC Maebritte Jeffels Scholarship fund (2011)

This scholarship was endowed by Maebritte Jeffels for a student in the MD program who demonstrates an aptitude for and an interest in Orthopaedic Medicine. She herself was an orthopaedic nurse and served in England and served during World War II. When she moved to Vancouver with her husband Ronald (French department) she served as FWC president in 1961-1962. The award is made on the recommendation of the Department of Orthopaedics in the Faculty of Medicine.

FWC Katherine Borgen Graduate Scholarship in Mathematics

A scholarship was instituted by the family & friends of Dr Katherine Borgan, partnering with the FWC, reflecting her passion for teaching mathematics, being a contributing author to a series of textbooks It recognises her service to the FWC as a president (2004-2005) and in various leadership roles and most of all for being a strong and independent woman who was well known for her professional and personal generosity and love of life! The award is given to an outstanding graduate student in Mathematics Education with the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy. The award is made on the recommendation of the Department in consultation with the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Post Graduate Studies.