Ocean Plastics

Plastics are a serious issue, not just because they’re ugly and kill birds & sea life, but because many generations of humans will end up eating more of it, as the breakdown pieces and products end up in seafood we consume.
USE LESS PLASTIC, especially single-use, like clam-shell food packaging, bags, Starbuck’s iced drink cups…
and look for products made of recycled plastics (in order to help that industry flourish), some of which we already use (bottles for cleaners, shampoo, etc).
The first 5 are short introductions.
1) the problem, NBC, 2018 less than 2 min
2) ditto — Nat. Geog., 2016, first 2 min only
3) Hawaii, 2016, kids:  This can be summarized as: EDUCATING THE NEXT GENERATION IS KEY.
4)  5 minute video about how plastic end up in the ocean and introduces the vortexes, followed by 2 minute video of top corporate offenders
5) David Attenborough Plastic Oceans
6) World Economic Forum: 90% of the ocean plastic waste comes from 10 rivers (very good article, not a video)
The 10 rivers are: 2 in Africa (Nile, Niger, 2 in India (Indus, Ganges), 1 in Viet Nam (Mekong), and
5 in China (Yellow, Yangtze, Hai He, Pearl, Amur)
7) The Surprising Solution to Ocean Plastic 10 Minutes by creator of the plastic bank.  Making a profit out of garbage.  Too good to be true?  Do his numbers add up? Very slow speaker. [System to allow the poor to make purchases with plastic for recycling.]
8) Boyan Slat, How we will rid the oceans of garbage.  Founder of Ocean Cleanup Engineering whiz kid.   Created this group and designed ocean clean up systems that aim to clean up 50 % in 5 years. Self-promotional delivery, more detail than we need.
select a few clips – it’s far too long. It’s a promising system but nowhere near ready for deployment… maybe it could be used in river-mouths, based on the article in #6, above.
9) Article from Kathleen, Summary of problem of single use plastics and some solutions: Food Revolution
I shortened up the to-do list and handed out print copies: will attach here.
10) Sky Ocean Rescue, ‘ A Plastic Tide”, 2017 UK & India (encouraging), Too Long (45 min), so just if you’re interested in pursuing more. Shocking plastic refuse even on outer islands north of Scotland, just washed in on the daily tides.
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Preview YouTube video Stunning New Video Shows Massive Plastic Debris In Ocean | NBC Nightly News

Preview YouTube video How We Can Keep Plastics Out of Our Ocean | National Geographic

Preview YouTube video Plastic Pollution, Our Oceans, Our Future…

Preview YouTube video David Attenborough Plastic Oceans

Preview YouTube video The surprising solution to ocean plastic | David Katz

Preview YouTube video Boyan Slat: How we will rid the oceans of plastic (May 2017)