Knit and Stitch

This group meets on alternate Wednesday mornings in members’ homes for knitting, stitchery, crafts and conversation.

We invite members’ handiworks for sale at our Christmas Boutique stall, as well as ideas for new creations.

October 2020 update
Because of COVID-19, the Knit & Stitch group are continuing to meet at a park for conversation, every 2 weeks, for as long as the warm weather lasts.  However, being outside is not conducive to doing our knitting and sewing, although we have a few projects on the go at home.

We have no firm plans about what to do when the weather gets cold.  We have had 2 offers of shelter – a double carport and a home with 2 large sitting rooms.  But we have not come to a decision yet.

To join this group, please contact the convenor – Celia Dodds.