Heritage Group

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October 2018- March 2019

The newsletter is going to press as our group heads out on the last tour of the season, a guided tour of the Burnaby Village Heritage Museum. This should be a fun outing as well as an educational experience.

The Heritage Group has had an interesting year visiting several places not usually open to the general public. We started out with a visit to a beautifully maintained heritage home, the Kirkland House in Ladner. The tour was followed by lunch in the riverside restaurant, Sharkey’s Seafood Restaurant.

Then in October we toured HMCS Discovery on Deadman’s Island, the naval base in Stanley Park. The island has had a fascinating history of being a First Nations burial ground, a migrant refuge, and a quarantine station before becoming the naval base of Vancouver. Lunch was at Prospect Point Café where the staff were very efficient and the meal was delicious.

In November we toured the renovated Christ Church Cathedral. It is well worth a second visit and it is also an interesting place to take visitors. A buffet lunch featuring Filipino food followed at the Herbs and Spices Restaurant in Cathedral Place, which is located next door to the cathedral. We had another “behind the scenes” tour in January, this time to Shaughnessy Place to check out an Arthur Erikson style housing complex adjacent to VanDusen Gardens. Truffles Café in VanDusenGardens was our choice of restaurant following the tour.

And in February our guide, John Atkin, had to make a quick change of plans for our tour of the old courtroom because of the ongoing labour problems at the Vancouver Art Gallery. He did an excellent job of pointing out various aspects of the building’s architecture both inside and outside the Art Gallery. Have you ever looked up at the roof of the art gallery from outside in the plaza and noticed the ships at each corner of the roof? The ships symbolize a part of Vancouver’s history. There is a red boat, which is a First Nations long boat, a yellow ship depicting a cargo ship used to carry migrants from China, a black vessel – the Komagata Maru, which was an immigrant ship bringing migrants from India in 1914, and then there is a white sailing ship, Captain Vancouver’s ship. The Gallery Café provided a dry and warm venue for us to relax, warm up and eat lunch.

Our last tour, the March tour, is to Burnaby Village Museum. This will be a walk through history, the village being a replica of the 1920’s era. I’m looking forward to lunch in the Ice Cream Parlour! Do hope that you will all have a good summer. We will be spending time during the summer scouting out more interesting places for you to visit for next year’s Heritage Tours program.

Tour of Navel Base on Deadman’s Island, Stanley Park October 2018

January/February 2019

In January our group started the year with an interesting guided tour of Shaughnessy Place, a luxurious Arthur Erikson-style housing complex. It was a very serene, spacious area with gardens and an outdoor swimming pool. It even had ducks swimming around a lake, which is an extension of the lake from VanDusen Gardens.

This was the first of the “behind the scenes” tours of the year, whereby we visit places not usually open to the general public.

In our second outing this year we looked at one of Vancouver’s hidden treasures and an area not open to the general public. We visited Vancouver’s Old Courthouse, which was located in what is now the Vancouver Art Gallery. John Atkin, our knowledgeable historian, took us on this tour on Friday, February 15th.

For the final tour of the year we will visit Burnaby Village Museum, a reconstructed village built on a ten-acre site in the style of the 1920s. We will have a guided tour of the village and visit the blacksmith’s forge, watch the printer at work in the print shop, see a restored interurban tram as well hear the stories and see demonstrations in the various homes, businesses and shops. Do come and join us for this tour on Friday, March 15th and check it out for a possible summer activity with the grandchildren.