Fake News

intro: “fake news” = propaganda, and the fact that the winner writes history. It’s always been around.

1. How real is fake news? Sharyl Attkisson Feb 2018 Ted Talk, 10 minutes.  The term “fake news” really started with support from executives from Google and Facebook, promoting Hillary Clinton, not with Donald Trump.  Big money is always involved in the dissemination of the news.


2. The Godfather of Fake News – BBC News

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3) The truth about fake news and how to protect against it, Jonathan Albright Ted talk May 2017, talks about the distribution networks of fake news.  Quite technical but shows the scope of the problem (bots are disseminating the news!) and has some technical solutions. (17 minutes)


4.  Snopes founder – CNN interview (2016), 4 min