fwc-welcome-bbq-2013-014_medFWC Former President Barbara Tait giving a speech at the annual new faculty barbecue that is co-hosted by FWC and UBC’s Work-Life Relocation Services Centre. This is such a lovely annual event and helps us find new members. In the audience is Jayne Booth, FWC member and Manager of Work-Life and Relocation Services.

Honorary President: Wendy Yip
President: Candace O’Connor
Past Honourary President: Michelle Pereira
Vice-President: Vanessa Lam
Past President: Jean McCutcheon
Recording Secretary:Martina Farmer
Corresponding Secretary: Gail Stevens, Margaretha van Oers
Treasurer: Margaret Quick
Membership: Ann Marantz
Programs: Mary Thompson, Joyce Bradley
Publicity: Silvana Carr, Jean Lewandowski
Social: Moya Stokes
Interest Groups: Julianna Chen
Clubrooms: Deirdre Webster
Scholarships: Shirin Theophilous