Speaker April 2, 2019 Parmida Esmaeilpour,  a Masters Student and Research
Assistant in the Department of Political Science at UBC

The title of her talk is “‘Quiet Encroachment’: Everyday life in the Islamic
Republic of Iran”.  She will describe the profound changes in the lives of
the Iranian people, particularly women, following the Iranian Revolution in
January 1979 and the subsequent establishment mere months later of the
Islamic Republic of Iran.

2019-04 Parmida Esmaeilpour (April AGM speaker)

Speaker March 5 2019 and November 4, 2018: Herbert Rosengarten, UBC Professor Emeritus
 “UBC Past and Present: An Overview”. Professor Rosengarten is
co-author of the book “UBC:  the First 100 Years”. On March 5, 2019 he will speak about Changing Times, Changing Values, Changing Expectations: How well is UBC adapting to the 21st century?

On November 4 he spoke about changes at UBC over the years, including some comments
about the part played by women at the University.

Professor Herbert Rosengarten

Speaker February 5, 2019: Artist and Author 
Topic: Her Art and Her Memoir “From Paint to Words”:  Internationally acclaimed artist Pnina Granirer puts down her brush and picks up the pen.

Her memoir traces her life journey as a painter in three acts, unfolding from her home
on the Danube River in Romania during the war and the Communist takeover, to
the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem, to her time in North America, arriving
in Vancouver in 1965.

2017 Pnina Granirer in her studio

2017 Pnina Granirer in her studio

2018 Pnina’s memoir

Speaker October 2, 2018: Maria Howard, CEO Alzheimer Society of BC

Maria Howard, Alzeimers CEO

Speaker February 6, 2018 :  Professor Tony Sinclair: UBC zoologist, ecologist, and adventurer

Anthony Sinclair with Buffalo in Nyasirori

Talk Title:  Fifty years in Serengeti
Summary:  the science and the adventures — this is an account of what it is like to live and work in the most famous National Park in the world for 50 years, and what Tony Sinclair and his wife Anne were doing there (and still are).

Latest book:   “Serengeti Story”: life and science in the world’s greatest wildlife region

Alison MacLean – Speaker November 7th 2017
Burkas2Bullets: The Rise of Afghan Women in Security

2017-11 Alison MacLean, speaker

Alison MacLean has been working in Afghanistan for six years as a combat photographer. She is releasing her documentary, “Burkas2Bullets”, internationally in the fall of 2017. The film features the rise of Afghan Police and Military Women, with the help of their Coalition supporters. Alison started her career as a Camera Person for The Sports Network. Her company, Tomboy Digital Productions, specializes in women in combat, on the frontlines. The mother of 2, Alison is also an advocate in the Family Court System in B.C. for vulnerable Canadian women and children.