Scholarship Winners Profiles For 2016/2017

Luke McAndless-Davis

Luke McAndless-Davis is finishing up his fourth of five years as a dual degree student studying in the School of Music and Faculty of Education at UBC. Following graduation he plans to work as a secondary school music teacher in the BC. Luke’s true love is choir and the sense of community that comes with it. In the further future Luke hopes to return to graduate school to study conducting and to touch people’s lives with communal music making. Luke would like to thank the Faculty Women’s Club for their generous support. The Patricia Chapman Memorial Scholarship in Music has not only supported Luke’s studies but also made it possible for him to travel with the University Singers to represent UBC and Canada at the Fleischmann International Trophy Competition in Cork Ireland later this spring.

Alison Pouw

I have almost completed my first year of undergraduate engineering at UBC. It was a shocking shift from high school to university in terms of workload, however it was a challenge that I was able to embrace, and in the end I can say that engineering is the best program for me. I plan on going into the chemical and biological engineering program at UBC. I will complete my degree in 5 or 6 years, as I wish to apply to the co-op program, while being part of the thunderbirds cross-country running and track and field teams. Following graduation I will continue to have sport as a major component of my life, and plan to use my degree to create a more symbiotic relationship between the natural world and the human world. Ideally I will be helping create a cleaner and better world for future generations, and exploring what the world has to offer while I still can.