2015/2016 Scholarship Report


Presented at the AGM, April 5th, 2016

This AGM of our Faculty Women’s’ Club is a day of celebration. We are celebrating all faculty wives and others who had the vision to establish this club on the UBC campus 100 years ago. Yes, we shall have our centenary birthday in the year 2017. Added to that is the desire of our current  President Sally Palm, her predecessors and the executive board members along with the scholarship committee to initiate and establish a graduate scholarship with considerable fundraising efforts. Kudos to each member here present along with many others who joined in dreaming, planning, organizing and working in various capacities, bringing forth your gifts of time, talents and financial offerings to enable us to reach this last lap in making our dream a reality! Before I go any further with details let me take this opportunity, on behalf of Kristina and myself, to thank and congratulate all the individuals who made very generous donations; this year you have out-done all other years in individual donations!

Kristina and I worked diligently along with the help of Leanne Poon & Ana Maria Hobrough from the UBC Development Office regarding our new scholarship. The documentation was presented to the FWC executive board and they have given us the ‘green flag’ to move forward regarding formulating the description and conditions for the scholarship. Leanne, also was able to vet it with the graduate and post- graduate studies department, UBC. Now, it is being submitted for the approval to the senate for this scholarship to become officially established. The New FWC Scholarship is named: FWC 100-Year Legacy Graduate Scholarship.

In 2017, our 100th year:  we expect to to give the inaugural scholarship in January 2017. This Endowment Fund, and it has grown since January 2016. Unfortunately, we have found a mix up in names between the 100-Year Legacy Scholarship and the Vancouver Centennial scholarship when people are making direct contributions. The Vancouver Centennial Scholarship was established to mark the centennial of our fair city. The principal will continue to grow after disbursal of the scholarship each year when the rest of the monies are rolled back into the endowment fund in perpetuity.  Consequently, we made a decision to close this award from receiving any further donations into this endowment fund: the scholarship will continue to pay out annually.

YES!!! We have exceeded our immediate goal already, and the  scholarship amount can be paid out in January 2017, our club’s 100th year of service! Congratulations!!!

Please continue to support the 100-Year Legacy Scholarship so that we shall achieve the bigger dream for 2017. May all our efforts in bringing dignity, hope and contentment to the deserving students of UBC be tempered with joy, responsibility and integrity.

Submitted by

Shirin Theophilus                         Kristina Nilsson